Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

So, I rang in the new year folding clothes. Sounds exciting, huh?!?! In a way it is, since we have not seen our entire bed (and part of the floor) since before Connor was born. Oh sure, I am just using my infant as an excuse as to why the clothes weren't folded. There would have still been a pile of clean clothes waiting to be put away, just hopefully not as BIG of a pile. Regardless, the new year at least started with clothes folded ... except for the ones in the machine :)
Tried to send Chip a video message of Katie and I saying "Happy New Year", but for some reason his phone is not receiving some of the messages. Wish he could have been home with us ... he could have helped fold clothes, ya know! It would have been nice to get my first kiss of the year from my hubby, but almost as good (and in some ways better) to get kisses from Katie and Connor.
Yes, the five year old was still awake at midnight. She was actually in the shower, screaming repeatedly "I can't see, I can't see" and before that she kept asking me to tell her Marilyn Manson's name!! We were in Hot Topic at the mall and she saw this book about Marilyn Manson with his picture ont he cover. Ever since then she wants to go in Hot Topic to see the book if we are at the mall. She will beg to go see the "freaky guy". Lucky for us they changed where the books were and I think we may have convinced her that the book is gone. Regardless, she can never remember his name. You would think that would not be a big deal, but at least once a week I have to tell her his name. I guess it is a good sign that she can remember Zac Efron ... or is that a bad sign?!?!? Maybe by the end of 2008 she will not remember Marilyn Manson at all. We all have our dreams.
Connor was actually sleeping. He was even in the bassinet where he is supposed to be sleeping. Now I just need to convince him of that. (as I type this Katie is in the bassinet - I will put up pictures when I upload them)
Well, here is to a year full of cheer, a house free of clutter, and a healthy family full of love! Happy New Year!!


Candy Brewer said...

What is a house free of clutter? And the laundry thing is totally going on here, too. It's a sickness, I tell you!