Monday, January 14, 2008

My daughter is crazy and my son is 3 months old!

Katie is doing her best to send me to the nuthouse!! I know, it is so hard for her to adjust to sharing me with her brother, but she has had some super breakdowns lately. Early in the week I had to turn the tv off for the rest of the night because Katie thought it would be fun to stick her fingers in her ears while I was trying to tell her something. Then tried to tell me it was not because of me, but because she did not want to see the cat ... yes, she said see. She was crying and hiding under a towel in the bathroom floor. I am such a horrible mommy for actually expecting her to listen to me! Thursday night she completely freaked out when I turned off the tv when she was doingher homework. She had made some rude little noise when I tried to help her, and it seems that taking away the tv is the only real punishment I have. So Katie starts crying, and I mean absolutely bawling. To the point she is hyperventilating and actually throws up!! Over the television!!! So, I took it away from her for a day. Yeah, that did not help matters. I finally had to hold her still and talk to her for a long while, telling her how much I love her and how unimportant the tv should be. I think she is starting to understand about being rude, though. Eventually she calmed down, I got her fed and bathed and in bed. Not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon. The thing is, there was no tv on Friday ... and she played and crafted and had fun. I showed her how you can draw with a crayon and when you do watercolor paints over the top it will resist the crayon. We did that for an hour, at least. She does not even watch the tv when it is on. She likes the background noise. She likes to look up and see it. I think partly it is that she likes to be in control by having "cartoons" on instead of us being able to watch an adult program.
Connor turned 3 months old on Saturday. Not that anything big happened. I tried giving him a taste of rice cereal on Friday, but he hated it. He is healing pretty well, but it still looks so pitiful. He is staying awake more, and smiling more. He loves when Katie is silly!