Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Instead of coming up with witty or fitting titles I am just going to number them. Sad how low that number is, but it will climb.
Last night we had our first tea party in who knows how long. I am not even sure why the idea popped in Katie's head, but once she has an idea there is no letting go. So, I pulled out some tea party stuff and got us all set up. Our wonderful spread of Cheez-its, brownie squares, grapes, and apple slices.

All Katie really wants is to pour the tea. Kids have more fun just transferring liquid. She loves pouring her drinks into different containers, playing with cups and buckets in the bath and the shower, and just generally doing anything that involves a high probability of spilling. She is definitely getting better at it, but I hold my breath everytime anyway.
Friday I finally gave up on Chip actually helping me get Connor's room ready to be painted, so I did it myself. It took all day ... well, until about 4 am the next day ... but it is done. I also have the carpet cleaned, and I just need to get the crib put together and we are in business.

Connor has been sleeping better the past three nights. I finally gave in and decided to give him cereal. He was just nursing and nursing and nursing like he was starving. After eating cereal the first night he actually slept for 5.5 hours!! And then he did wake up a few times for feedings but went right back to sleep. It was the closest thing I have had to a good nights sleep in what seems like FOREVER! Hopefully this is a trend that will continue. Maybe when he is in his own room it will be easier as well. Less noise and activity going on around him.
Connor is getting better at holding his huge melon up during tummy time. He has to have some strong neck muscles to support that adorable noggin of his!!

Katie's class started a little reading challenge type thing last week. Ech week they send home a little book that she has to read to us for 4 days. By the fourth day last week she was pretty darn good at reading her first book! I am so proud of her. Chip and I are huge readers and it is exciting to see her starting to read for herself. Not that it will stop us from reading her bedtime stories (which she admitted she was afraid would happen). I have also tried making up little books of our own as well for her to work with. She tends to want to cut them up when she is done with them though.