Wednesday, February 13, 2008

29: Shake, Rattle, and Drool

Connor discovered how to shake his rattle on Sunday. It did not do much to distract him though. We were having lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and he was screaming and crying. He refused a bottle, but he was so upset I even broke through my "no whipping it out in public" hang-up to try to breastfeed him. That was a no go, too. I think he was offended at being covered by a blanket. We were able to calm him down for a few moments at a time. Enough to eat and pay. He seemed to enjoy us shaking his rattle for him, so we let him hold it ... and he shook it himself. However, amusing himself was not nearly as fun as having all of us try to make him happy. The real kicker though was this ... we left Ruby Tuesday's and headed across the street to Sam's Club ... and he fell asleep. He slept through Sam's Club and most of the ride home. Little Stinker!