Sunday, March 27, 2011

441 Crochet Eggs for an Unbreakable Easter Fiber Arts Friday(ish)

I came across this post on Easy Makes Me Happy with a free pattern for crochet eggs and I knew I HAD to make a few ... I think I am at 21 eggs right now ;)

This is my modified pattern (because you know I can't totally follow instructions) but it is very similar and completely inspired by Tara at Easy - and because I hate to in any way have anyone think something is mine that isn't I only modified from Round 9 on (which works out to be the bottom of the egg) Swing on by Tara's blog for her whole pattern which is perfection. (she also gives instructions for two-toned and striped eggs) See, the link right up there ^^^ in blue ...

F crochet hook
worsted weight yarn (though it works with baby weight and a chunkier weight, too)

Rnd 9 – (sc in next 4, sc2tog) around. (20)
Rnd 10 – (sc in next 3, sc2tog) around. (16)
Rnd 11 – (sc in next 2, sc2tog) around. (12)

Now you will stuff your egg. Take your time and stuff it firmly, you can roll the egg in your hand and reshape it slightly later, but a lot of the shape has to do with how you stuff it now.
(and totally off the subject, I think this would make a great strawberry at this point)

sc in next 1, sc2tog (repeat 4 times)
sc2tog (2 times)
slipstitch to close
Weave in ends.

White eggs - worsted weight (shhh, it is from a big skein of Red Heart The Pounder I have had for years)
Solid Colored eggs - worsted weight Caron Simply Soft
Multi-colored eggs - worsted weight cotton Lily Sugar'n'Cream

These eggs will stand up a lot better than the traditional Easter eggs with my kids, and you don't have to worry about putting all your eggs in one basket (sorry, I had to)!

And there you go, another late Fiber Arts Friday... one day I will remember what day of the week it is.


Tara from EasyMakesMeHappy said...

Wow, look at them all!! they look great ( :