Monday, March 14, 2011

438 Our Random Life

I think all this dreary weather is getting me down. I can't seem to build up the energy to do ... much of anything. I haven't blogged really, but then we haven't been up to too much lately. So, here is the breakdown.

Two weekends ago my in-laws were awesome enough to take the kids for the weekend so that Chip and I could get some stuff done around the house and have an actual date night. However, being able to sleep in quickly trumped getting stuff done. Two nights of twelve hours of sleep. It was HEAVEN! Waking up and actually feeling like you WOKE UP! What a concept!! We did get some work done. Chip cleared out a little of the garage (and a few days ago I uncovered the workout equipment). I worked in what we had called "Dad's Room" up until now... it will now be called "The Family Room" ... as soon as we can get used to the new name. The room was FULL of geekery. Comic books, action figures, and old computer components OH MY! We have it neatly packed into the closest, with plans of an ebay store soon (so, if you love superheroes and Star Wars stay tuned). We did get the MOST important thing accomplished though. We had a date night! We had decided to stay in town, and I have been craving lobster bisque for quite some time, so we were just going to hit the Red Lobster. However, when we pulled up it was PACKED! The indoor waiting area was full, and people were milling about outside. We were starving, so we went in search of somewhere else to eat that wasn't swamped at 6pm on a Saturday night.... That counts out all the chain restaurants (and that wasn't really what we wanted anyway). I remembered that there was a little Japanese restaurant just down from the movie theatre, but I wasn't positive it was still open. It was! And it was FABULOUS! We have never done the sushi thing, but we gave it a shot. Everything we ate was AMAZING! You can visit Nagoya online to check them out.

We started with Nigima. Bite sized beef rolled with cream cheese and green onions. SO GOOD!
Gyoza Dumplings, ground beef seasoned with ginger and cabbage. DROOL!
And Chip was in Heaven! Soft Shell Crab Tempura. DELICIOUS!
And, as amazing as this sounds ... I didn't take pictures of the sushi roll!! We dove right in! We got the Snow Mountain Roll. If you are worried about eating raw fish then this is for you, everything in it is cooked. It is fried shrimp topped with crabmeat, tempura crunchies, snow crab, and sweet roe. True sushi eaters will probably turn their noses up at this roll, but it was A-MAZ-ING!
We were pleasantly surprised also at the bill. For the quality of the food and the wonderful service it was a great deal! We will e going back often (and we already have, but we will get to that). If you live in the Mid-South are you might want to give it a try.

We drove down Sunday to pick up the kids, and we were able to go out to the park and feed the ducks. It was quite cold, and I would have been hapy to stay at the nice warm house, but Katie had her heart set on it. The ducks and geese were quite happy to see us though.
Katie had a big week at school. A lot of tests (and her test folder was full of A's and B's! Now to get her to do that every time), and she had a report to do for her Social Studies class on inventions/discoveries. I was so proud of how much work she did. She even typed it up herself ...okay, 85% of it.
It was on the x-ray. She got a 100 on it :) And did you know that the x-ray was discovered totally by accident? by a guy who didn't even graduate from high school?! She also had her class fieldtrip to the Pink Palace on Friday. And now she has a whole week off for Spring Break.
On the days it isn't actually raining we try to get outside. Connor is re-obsessed with blowing bubbles and baseball.
...and bringing me dandelions...
And that second trip to Nagoya? We took the kids yesterday. Connor loved the Miso Soup. We ordered the Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Gyoza Dumplings, Snow Mountain Roll, and the Rock'n'Roll. Katie wanted to order something of her own .... she chose BBQ Squid. And she ate all but a few rings.

I did remember to take a picture of the rolls, but my phone didn't do them justice. DELICIOUS!
We followed that up with a trip to feed the ducks near our house, and some time on the playground to run off steam.
I was hoping it would even out the time change, but they were still impossible to get to sleep!

We did do one more thing. We went to Books-A-Million and Katie got Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. AND SHE IS READING IT! Without being forced! I have my fingers crossed that she catches the reading bug!
And I have been painting a little. Of course. I have some ideas percolating in my head, too.
And that concludes this edition of Catching Up with The Jaxons....