Saturday, March 12, 2011

436 Fiber Arts Friday - Impromptu Fingerless Mitten Things

Friday ...ish....
It all started when I decided to play around with making a bracelet with this fun turquoise Simply Soft yarn. I was just winging it, and when I finished the bracelet it looked way too plain. I thought adding a scallop to the edges would improve it. Then I just let it grow from there.
I didn't even finish tying it off before Katie stole it and took it to school. Of course, it was HUGE on her since it fits me...
I decided to surprise her with some of her own when she got home from school. I made her three. A turquoise, a hot pink, and a purple (which has disappeared).
I should have taken pictures right away since she quickly made them her own (in other words, she got them as dirty as possible). She wore them in the park, she did art in them ... she carried her hamster around in style. Guess I will be finding out how they hold up in the wash soon. 

I mainly wanted to give an idea of what they look like without a hand in them. And each one is different. I tried to look at them and write up a pattern, but when I tried to replicate one today I ended up winging it after a little while.
But ... here is a basic idea of how they are made.

Small amount of yarn, these are worsted weight
K crochet hook

Chain 7
Single Crochet (6) chain 1, turn ...
repeat 23 more times = total of 24 rows
(can be made larger or smaller in multiples of 3)
Slipstitch to join into a wristband
*Chain 2, Double Crochet (2) in first hole
(skip 2) one SC and two DC in third hole
Continue around, creating 8 shell/scallops*
Join to first with a slipstitch *repeat twice*
On your 4th round, create 5 scallops, chain 3 (or more, depends how big you want your thumb hole), skip 3, slipstitch, chain 2, skip 2, create two more scallops.
Rounds 5-6 *repeat*
Slipstitch around to clean up the edge
Bind off.
(scratch your head because this pattern makes no sense to anyone but me)

I tried to make the one today with cotton yarn. I love the colors! It is called Field of Dreams. However, I adhered not at all to my tentative pattern. I tried to take pics, but it really seemed useless since the pictures would make no sense after that rambling pattern.

The main difference with this one is that I only did 21 rows on the wristband since it was working up larger. On the thumbhole I slipstitched over it three times on the 5th row then did the regular scallop on the 6th row.

(on the purple one that isn't shown the scallops are worked more in a spiral than in rows, it was easier and worked fine, I just added the thumbhole when it looked right.)

In other words, forget the pattern. If you can crochet then you can wing these.
If you know basic stitches and how they stretch then you know how to make these.
Sometimes the best idea is to just grab some fun yarn and a hook and play.
Sometimes you come up with a gem, sometimes not.
I judge the success of the things I make by how quickly my daughter steals them.
This project? Total success.

....oh, and these can be used on either hand. Katie likes to mix and match, which works out perfectly since I couldn't make a twin for any of them.