Thursday, January 6, 2011

422 Oh dear ... I mean, deer

I have a friend with a deer addiction, and I think it might be rubbing off on me. The crafty section of my brain has been working overtime, and there is no way I will ever get to everything I want to do. However, I was thinking of Valentine's Day, and my felt hearts ... and deer heads (I will explain more of that in a bit), and a deer head is the perfect fit inside a heart ... right?
And I was kind of stuck in the living room, so I decided to play in my journal.
I free-handed the one in my journal, but it was inspired by this one at Going Home to Roost. The link is to the downloadable PDF file.
I was limited to the supplies I had close by, so ... a Sharpie marker and some scraps of self adhesive patterned paper left over from making the ornaments from coasters a few weeks ago.

I tore tiny pieces to cover the blank space.

 And then I HAD to make another with one of the bookpages (also from making ornaments).

I want to embroider some ... and make some felt hearts for my etsy!
On another note, while straightening the bedroom I found an old Crochet Today magazine (from a year ago!). BIG MISTAKE!  These are just two of the things I want to make. Hopefully while making my yarn stash dwindle.

Oh, and the other reason I have deer on the brain? On our last trip to see Mimi and PopPop, Connor noticed their deer head. When Mimi told him it was a "reindeer" he just had to have it for his room. It was the first deer that his great-grandfather shot (at least I think that is the story). It has family history, and Connor wanted it ... so ...we have our very own deer head.


Agapeloved said...

Oh my. How funny! I don't have kids of my own yet, but I work at a school, and the things the kids have and want never ceases to make me chuckle. Congrats on your new acquisiton! :-)

Anonymous said...

why not...