Wednesday, January 19, 2011

425 IT SNOWED ... (nine days ago)

I know I am really late posting pictures of the snow we had over a week ago, but I have been preoccupied. First with playing in all the fluffy white stuff, and then with trying to get things battened down around the house. As usual there are big plans to get this house in order and running more smoothly.
But, before we get into all those doomed plans ... THE SNOW! 
Katie and Connor were ecstatic to wake up to a winter wonderland, but I had to play ogre and insist we eat and get bundled up before we ran out to play. Just about the time we were ready to head out to join our friends, there was a knock at the door. We'd had our first snow injury. I think Kaitlyn was mainly cold, but she had fallen off a sled and said her elbow hurt. We became warm up central. Luckily these are our dear friends, so we were able to go back and play and just let people come and warm up as they liked. One of the perks of backing up to the neighborhood park. Chip headed out shopping for snow boots... poor guy missed most of the fun (AND COLD) on the first day. 
I tried to put the camera away and play, but I HAD to take pictures! The kids can't have all the fun!
Yes, Katie is wearing pajama pants over her other 3-4 layers of pants. It is my punishment for asking Twitter if wearing your pajamas in public was the new thing .... apparently it is.

We supplied the sleds, and Kaitlyn's family provided the four wheeler. Redneck sledding here we come!! Kaitlyn was so sweet with Connor. She made sure he wasn't left out. All the moms also took a turn or two on the sled. It was a blast!! Sorry, no photo evidence I did it :)

Connor was getting tired, and he was annoyed that I asked him to sit still.

We stayed out for quite a while, but eventually we all headed back inside to warm up. The girls came to our house and we had a little lunch and made s'mores!
 I kept them inside as long as I could, but it is impossible to keep Southern kids out of the snow.

And Connor finally got to make his snow angel! Don't laugh ... we live in Mississippi, snow angel wings have grass here!
Snow Day Two was SO FUN! We all got out and drove around the school where there are some great hills. Maybe we weren't supposed to be there, but there were people in the building for voting and no one came to tell us to leave. It was frigidly cold and there was a biting wind, but we stuck it out to get some sledding in. I took pics for about fifteen minutes, then put the camera away and just had fun with the family.

Chip even took the camera and took a couple pictures with me in them!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Chip was snapping away as we came down the hill.

 We got COLD! And Katie was freezing because Chip could not find boots in her size, so we headed to the Target in Olive Branch. We grabbed some hot chocolate at the Starbucks.
 And Katie got some boots! They are boys, and technically too big, but they work ... and they will work next year (and eventually for Connor). Did I mention this is the South and snow is a rarity? Boots meant for snow get very little wear, so we do what we can to make sure they get some use. After Target we hit the slopes again! We played until my head had enough of the cold. I finally had a splitting headache, and after having meningitis I prefer NOT to ever have headaches again! For some odd reason they scare me to death.
School was back in on Wednesday ... and I needed the rest!


binn said...

WOW!! I enjoyed watching the pictures with your kids playing in the snow.. Since, I was a child I've been dreaming of experiencing playing with snow but sadly my country is tropical and it will never snow unless I go to place that will snow...Moreover, you have wonderful children. God Bless!