Saturday, January 22, 2011

426 Quick Crochet Headbands Tutorial

My mother-in-law makes the cutest knit headbands, and I have been inspired to try my hand at some headbands, but crochet. There are a few problems with this.
One- my knitting skills leave A LOT to be desired. (my crochet is somewhat better)
Two- I want INSTANT gratification.

I searched around on the internet for some patterns. There are a ton of great ones out there, but when the headband itch hit me I didn't take the time to pull one up. I had a tiny amount of yarn left from the cowl/mini-purse projects, and there wasn't much I could think of to make. I just grabbed my K hook and my scraps of yarn and winged it.
I said this is a tutorial, but I don't know if something this simple really qualifies, but here it is. Oh, and I didn't really plan this out, so there aren't any pictures of the progress.

Skinny Crochet Headband
Size K hook
Caron Simply Soft Yarn
approximately 4-5 yards in main color
approximately 1 yard for flower

Chain 3
single crochet (2)
chain 1, turn, SC (2)
Repeat for about 50 rows
Slip stitch two ends together.

chain 4, slipstitch to join.
chain 6, join to ring with a slipstitch.
repeat 4 times (5 petals)

Then take better pictures than I did :) Connor grabbed it and stuck it on his head.

He said he was a "doctor". I can see that, the grey flower looks kind of like the little headlamp.  Then Katie grabbed it and slipped it on Flower Child style.

All together it might have taken me 15 minutes. I think these would be adorable for babies, just make them a little smaller. They would be much softer, and look more comfortable than those elastic bow bands.

Today I tried one that is a little ... more. It is thicker, and I made it with a button closure. Still, no pattern, but I tried to remember it the best I could for y'all. I might go back and do a little border, or add a couple of flowers, but it is cute as is. It doesn't use a lot of yarn, but you will want more than several yards.

Headband 2
Size K hook
Lion Brand Homespun (this one is Caribbean)

Chain 5
Row 1 - Skip one, Single Crochet in 4
Chain two, turn
Row 2 - Double Crochet in 4 (this row will be your button loop)
Chain 1, turn
Rows 3-6 - Single Crochet (4) for 4 rows, Chain 1, turn
Row 7 - Increase by one on this row. Ending up with SC (5), Chain 1, turn
Rows 8-11 Single Crochet (5) for 4 rows, Chain 1, turn
Row 12 - Increase by one. Ending up with SC (6), Chain 1, turn
Rows 13- 41 SC (6), Chain 1, turn 
Row 42 Decrease by one. Ending up with SC (5), Chain 1, turn
Rows 43-46 SC (5), Chain 1, turn
Row 47 Decrease by one. Ending up with SC (4), Chain 1, turn
Rows 48-55 SC (4), Chain 1, turn.
Finish off both ends.
Choose a cute button, sew it on ... you know how.
This might have taken 30 minutes.

I was going to make my own button with Sculpey, but I managed to make them too big. Luckily I had a regualr button in the right size. My Sculpey buttons were cute though. Just mixed red and white (not totally) rolled out and cut out buttons. The circle is an old film canister, the heart I cut with a knife. Poke holes if you want to use as a button. I used some rubber stamps to give design and texture. Now I have to figure out what I want to do with them.

Sorry my tutorials are so sad :) I will learn not to be impatient one day ... but until then I hope you can make sense of my babbling.
If you whip up some headbands I would LOVE to see them!

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