Wednesday, October 20, 2010

400 The Three D's (Doctor, Dentist, and Digital Photography)

On Tuesday Connor had his first dentist appointment. It could not have gone any better! Connor brought his Buzz Lightyear with him for moral support. The hygienist came out to get him, and she saw his Buzz laying on the table. She sat down in the tiny chair in the waiting room and talked about how cool Connor's toy was, and then she asked him to come show her what it did. After he was comfortable with her, she told him they should go show Buzz to Dr. McCrary. He trotted off after her with a big grin on his face. I could hear them while I sat in the waiting room. I was waiting for my Mommy's Boy to freak out when he realized I wasn't there, but it never happened. Dr. McCrary acted every bit as interested in Buzz. They kept up a running discussion while they checked his teeth, and it was all over before Connor knew it. They let me back while he picked out his reward. And, being the big dork that I am, I whipped out my camera. I was just going to take a picture of Connor with the dentist stuff in the background, but Dr. McCrary picked Connor up and posed with him. I can't recommend Dr. McCrary and his staff enough if you are in the Southaven, MS area (or nearby)! Connor even got a Buzz Lightyear toothbrush! We have all been suffering with the frequent weather changes lately. Katie worst of all. Monday night she coughed so hard that she ended up puking. We kept her home on Tuesday, and after Connor's appointment we all went to the doctor. Turns out that all of our lungs were clear, except Connor who was the only one of us not coughing constantly.

Then we got to experience the joy that is walking around Walgreens while you wait on prescriptions. You would think I would have the good sense to buy cough drops, but I was so busy telling the kids NO repeatedly that it slipped my mind. I did go back today, and just in case you need cough drops, Walgreens has bags of Ricola coughdrops on sale for $1, and an in-store coupon for $.50 off of that. You might want to stock up.

Also, today I have been looking at free preset actions for Lightroom. I found an excellent source! Presets Heaven! I was amazed at the amount of presets that were availabe, and how fun they were to use. I played around with several. I wish I could tell you exactly which I used, but there are several at work on each of these.

Connor received the Mobigo from Mimi and PopPop, and he and Katie have been enjoying it!


Linda Woods said...

I'm afraid to look at the preset site because then I might want Lightroom instead of Photoshop.
And, this reminds me that I need to go to the dentist.
Maybe I will go look at those presets after all....

CarrieJ said...

LOL .... I use Lightroom for the main editing, then take it to Photoshop for some fine tuning since there are a few things I know better in Photoshop.
I NEED to go to the dentist but I am afraid of how much it is going to cost because I have not been in forever!! I might beat your total ...