Monday, October 18, 2010

399 Cleveland Rocks

Well, it is Cleveland, MS so it probably doesn't rock as much as Drew Carrey would like, but it is where Chip's family is so we kinda like it. We just went down for the day, but we were able to see most of the family and have cake. Connor and Katie got to play with their cousins. It was a nice relaxing day with family (as long as politics and the new Ole Miss mascot did not come up in conversation).
When I was loading up the van Connor came out to "help" and he peeked into the back of the van and discovered his basketball goal from Grammy. HE WAS SO EXCITED! He wanted to open it right then, but we made him wait until we got to Mimi and PopPop's house. He survived. He loves his new basketball goal ... just what I needed, another reason to spend all day outside.
Our favorite dog, Chiefer, was visiting. He is a big teddy bear! Sweetest dog ever.
And Presley :) When I told Connor that she would be at Mimi's he said "Pressy go to my party!" So darn cute! They both talk about each other at random moments when they are apart.

Connor really loves his Buzz Lightyear ... he even sleeps with it.