Wednesday, October 6, 2010

397 Mid-South Fair 2010

Sunday afternoon we did the family thing and hit the Mid-South Fair. We were going to go earlier in the day, but as the Fair was opening at noon Connor was fading fast. We knew if we went to the Fair without getting Connor a nap that we would regret it ... and fast. Which meant that Katie's little face crumpled and we had to fight off her tears. She was able to spend time playing with Mia, so she muddled through somehow :) And then the Saints game was on, so we decided to stay until it was over at 3. I really enjoy the Fair more at night when the rides are lit up, so it was perfect for me. Katie wants to ride the rides, Connor wants to do what Katie wants, Daddy wants to spend family time, and Mommy .. Mommy wants to spend time with the family AND her camera.
We weren't sure how many rides Connor would be able to do, so we just got wristbands for Chip and Katie. After a quick walk down the midway we decided to get Connor a wristband as well. He had to ride most of the rides with Daddy, but there were a few kiddo rides he could do all by his lonesome. Katie was her usual fearless self. She hated waiting in the lines, but she LOVED the rides.
They only played two games. Katie was mostly concerned with winning a fish, so Daddy won her one, and the nice game worker let them pick two so Connor could have one. The all orange one is Blaze, and the orange and white is Fireball.

.... or should I say WAS. Apparently it is bad luck to name your aquatic animals after fire. The fishies went to the big toilet bowl in the sky last night. You would think that carnie fish would be more durable ...
But back to the Fair. It was freezing and Katie stole my jacket because her jacket was not warm enough. After winning the fish we convinced Katie we should go to Walmart to get fish supplies ... and because Mommy was freezing. Luckily we did not invest too much money in their care.
Another fabulous Mid-South Fair. We had a great time together, and we only had to sell a kidney to pay for it. We can't wait for next year.


Pam said...

Wow, that's impressive. I thought they usually died on the way home from the fair.....LOL