Tuesday, October 12, 2010

398 Connor is THREE!

We are going to wait and really celebrate on Sunday when we visit Chip's family, but we did have to do a little something for Connor on his actual birthday. A little cake (that did not totally survive its trip home from the store) and a couple presents. Connor would be absolutely satisfied with just that, but Katie seems to feel gyped for him. So thankful that Connor hasn't been overcome with greed just yet .... no matter how hard Katie tries to influence him.We actually got a slight sprinkle of rain today, the first in what seems like forever. I was starting to think I would not be able to get a true three year old shot of Connor, but the weather cleared up and I was able to get a few quick shots. My favorite part? The blue tongue from his cake icing obviously!

When I wrote Connor's birthday post last year I wrote a little description of what he was like as a one year old, so I guess I should give a little rundown of his two year old self. Though much of what I said about him then is true now.

He is a smiley boy with a truly infectious laugh. He is full of mischief. Today he drew with a crayon on the stairway wall (he is drawing closed shapes and spirals, trying to color and stay in the lines). His favorite thing is anything that Katie would like to have as her own. He loves to be read to at night (he no longer allows me to sing, and he will tell me to stop if I try) and most nights he will pick out three books for me to read, though he will try to add more to the list when I finish. He is FEARLESS! He is fast, and he will tell you how fast he is when he runs. He loves animals, especially the neighbor's dogs. He wants so badly to be a big boy, and to play with other big boys. He is "Mama's Boy!" unless Katie tries to claim Daddy, then he is "Daddy's Boy!" Don't ever try to tell him different. He is beyond sweet, and whenever anyone leaves our home he tells them to "be careful" in the cutest voice. He melts my heart on a daily basis ... then makes my blood boil. Other than nighttime accidents, he is fully potty trained. He can go to the potty all by himself, but he canNOT pull his pants back up by himself. He doesn't fart or poot... he "parts". He uses potty training to stay up later than he should, waiting until storytime is over to tell me that he needs to go poo. He is speaking more clearly, though it still leaves a lot to be desired. He still yells "NO!" and the cute factor has worn off just like I thought it would. He is THE AWESOME! There is no other way to put it. He just IS awesome.

Happy Birthday Connor! We love you beyond reason.


Anonymous said...

That is Very funny & sweet. So he is the mommy clone, hmm? Your pride shines brightly, Carrie :)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Connor!! There's a reason I call it "fucking three's" so ...be prepared! :-)