Sunday, May 23, 2010

365 Eight going on Eighteen

Katie had a whole birthday weekend. Friday she had her Recognition Ceremony at school (remember when you just had a last day, and then you went to the next grade? I miss that). And since her birthday was on a weekend we brought in cupcakes to lunch (which were taken away before I could take a picture ...). Then she had a friend spend the night on Friday ... and on Saturday she had TWO friends spend the night. All in preparation for the BIG SHINDIG in Hell ... I mean, Chuck E Cheese. Katie was chomping at the bit to go to Chuck E Cheese, and I was trying to keep her from crawling up the walls. We set up the paints and she and Mia finally tackled the bead-type things I had made them. It killed a few minutes, and they had fun doing a little crafting.

And then, finally it was time to descend into hell ... go to Chuck E Cheese. Katie took off running the minute they showed us to our table. We didn't see her for a while ... well, I didn't. Chip had to run to Sam's Club to pick up the cake. Luckily, Mimi and Pop Pop showed up and took over Connor duty. He was dying to run off after Katie and I was left dealing with trying to tell the hostess that I DID NOT KNOW what types of drinks to put in the special kid cups ... and I did not know how many kids would be coming. ( she was really very nice, and we ended up running her to death since we kept adding kids ) So, people started trickling in, and the kids took off running with their tokens and I took *gasp* some pictures ... And I managed to take a picture of the cake before it was cut. My niece Tori and her friend Whitney. My best girlfriends were there too (with kiddos in tow of course) After almost an hour of playtime, it was time for pizza and rats .. I mean Chuck E to come out and greet the birthday kids. For the longest time Katie was terrified of the rat. She would hide from him. She would run from him. And now, here she is HUGGING him ... And she made her wish. I am sure she used it for something constructive like having better things than her friends ... or maybe she used it for the classic little girl wish of having a pony. If she was smart she would have wished that we would win the lottery .... She can just be SO selfish :)And no, that little boy that is in so many of my pictures (in the P hat) was not with our party. He was a Chuck E party crasher. He is in training for the big wedding bonanza of June.And then it was time to open presents. Katie cleaned up. $80 cash and $50 in gift cards, not to mention all the toys. Kid has more money than me right now ... so sad.And the required meltdown while redeeming tickets. Katie wanted a Polly Pocket house that cost 6000 tickets.... not quite there kid. On the way home we asked Katie if she had a good birthday .. and she started BAWLING! She didn't get her bike and she was crushed. Little did she know, Mimi and PopPop had been sent ahead to the house to get her new bike out of the garage and put it in the living room for her. SHE WAS ECSTATIC!

All in all our little girl had a fabulous birthday. She finally talked us into a birthday in hell .. Uhhh, Chuck E Cheese. Sure, it was only granted because I thought our kitchen might have been gutted by now, but she doesn't care. She had a BLAST! And it was completely worth it to see her so happy.

Thank you to all the parents and little buddies that showed up. I was so excited to see all of you, and glad that Katie had so many good friends to celebrate with.


FerrydustPhotography said...

AW! I'm glad she got her bike! My grandparents bought me my first bike. I remember it and actually had it up until a year ago lol

Kathleen said...

That was such a pretty cake! Tessa's birthday is Tuesday and I haven't planned a thing.