Monday, May 17, 2010

362 Wild Things

Saturday involved a trip to Wally World for diapers. And of course, no trip to Walmart is complete without buying something completely opposite from what you went in for. We parked at the garden entrance (which was my first mistake) and I was instantly seduced by the colors and smells. Flowers are an instant pick me up. So, I decided to pick me up two rosebushes. I have never grown my own roses, but I drive past a house with a profusion of them each day. And each day I want to jump out of my car and go snip off a couple ... but I have been raised not to enter another person's yard so I keep driving. Hopefully these will survive, and I won't have to covet the roses of others. I bought a "Broadway"And a "Blue Girl"And obviously you will have to put up with quite a few rose pics from me in the near future. (please don't pray for them to die, I will eventually stop flooding you with pictures of roses) I did get a few pics of not JUST the roses .... Like this one of a cute little bee.Or this one of my cute llittle boy. Connor LOVES the roses.We also experimented a little hile e were doing chocolate covered cherries the other day. I had extra chocolate and we had a kiwi, so we gave it a shot. Katie ate them FAST.And because no post is truly complete without antics from the Monkey and the Magpie ...

We had the pool cover laying out, hosing it off. Katie ran outside, saw it all wet and inviting, slid across it and decided it made a better slip'n'slide. She and Connor played all day!! And the next ... and they even played on it today. You guessed it ... more rose pics. I can't help it!


Connie said...

Gorgeous roses!!