Sunday, October 25, 2009

308 Shadow Oaks Fall Festival

On Friday the 16th, Shadow Oaks Elementary held their yearly Fall Festival. Katie was excited that her Mimi and PopPop would be in town to go with us (especially since PopPop took her to her first Fall Festival when I was still recovering from Connor being born). She almost ruined it by throwing a fit before we even loaded up the van. I told her that we would buy a certain amount of tickets and when those were gone then we would be done ... and she flipped. Turns out she had nothing to worry about. We bought $20 worth of tickets and toward the end she was sharing them with a buddy and we still barely finished them all.
One of our first stops was to Mrs. Hite's room. This was Katie's First Grade teacher, and she absolutely loves her!! The object of this game was simple, you flipped over one leaf and there would be a number 1, 2, or 3. Katie flipped over a three! She was so excited because she won a pencil (she has a thing for pencils, you wouldn't understand). The funniest thing though, Kaitlyn and her family were walking around with us. Kaitlyn reached over and flipped the very same leaf ... she knew it was a winner. Sneaky little thing :)

This was also Katie's weekend with Shadow, her Second Grade classes chameleon. Each student gets to take Shadow home for one weekend, and you are supposed to take Shadow along with you everywhere. I am sure Shadow had a blast, even though he ended up spending most of his time with Connor.

My favorite thing was "Make A Bracelet". At least you walked out of the room with a bracelet! Yup, that is my girl, staring off into space. *SIGH* This was Katie's favorite game from the year before.Jaclyn, Katie, and (I wanna say Brianna) Cute as can be, aren't they?! Katie and Abbey getting ready to go into the Haunted House. Katie had already been through once with Mimi so she was an old pro. Abbey had tried to go before and decided to turn back. I took both girls through the first time, and then they went through another time with another friend Shelby. I am so glad to know that our girls have a little bit of adventure! (but not too much) When we went outside to go to the Haunted House we sent PopPop off in search of Funnel Cake. After multiple trips through the Haunted House we headed back in to find him. He had finally acquired his very own funnel cake, and then he went off in search of us. He ended up outside the Cake Walk room .... ...Where he beat out four little girls dfor a six-pack of cupcakes. Poor little things. Connor did not mind that PopPop crushed the hopes of little girls for these cupcakes, they still tasted yummy to him!! And FINALLY, after two hours and $20.00 in tickets, we headed home. Katie barely even pouted! We grabbed some Chick-fil-A sandwiches and nuggets on the way out, and we hightailed it home. Another successful Festival extraction!