Wednesday, October 7, 2009

302 Second Grade Fieldtrip

Last week Katie's class went on their first fieldtrip of the year to the Pink Palace Museum. The trip was mainly to see the IMAX film "Under the Sea", but we were able to arrive early and spend almost two hours exploring the museum. Policy has changed, and chaperons are not allowed to take kids away in smaller groups without a background check ... not even their own kids. I do understand why the policy is in place, and it is good that they are looking out for our kiddos, but it is awfully annoying. So, each class was split in half and we walked around as a larger group. I think it worked out a lot better in the museum that way. The teacher (or assistant teacher) was able to tell the group about the exhibits and spend a little time exploring instead of feeling the need to keep moving to let the next group have a chance. The kids are always so enthralled by the museum. Katie has been several times and she still will ooh and aah about the exhibits.
Katie was wearing the most adorable new shirt ... of course you can't see it under her class t-shirt.
Luckily Mrs. Young was there to get them to group pose periodically. Now if we could just convince the kids to stop throwing gang signs (or whatever it is they think they are doing).This picture ... this picture just makes me laugh. every time!
This is the Apothecary Shoppe, which comes right before we freak the kids out with mannequins.
It is an exhibit devoted to medicine through the ages. And why would THIS scare anyone? SERIOUSLY!! I am surprised any of our kids can be coerced into a dentist after seeing this.And a fan favorite ... The Civil War medics tent ... poor guy on the table has a gangrene foot. I can't see this exhibit without hearing the scene from Gone With the Wind in my head "don't cut! DON'T CUT!!! DOOONNNN'TTTTT CCCUUUUUUTTTTTT...."On to happier times ... dinosaurs and woolly mammoths OH MY!!Ms. Young was explaining earthquakes to the kids here. She was living in Arkansas when she felt an earthquake, and she was able to describe it to the kiddos in detail.They insisted on "being scared" in this picture ...Finally we were ushered into the IMAX theatre. Once again, thanks for suggesting to a roomful of 7 year olds that the movie might make them feel dizzy. That is ALL a 7 year old needs is the merest suggestion and they are experiencing the effects.

Most of us made it through the film. Although a girl in front of us had to leave because she was feeling ill. I on the otherhand was feeling incredibly sleepy, so I managed to nod off a few times. Oops.

We had fun, the kids managed to learn a few things, and I checked Katie out of school and we headed off to Atlanta. Not a bad day at all!