Sunday, October 11, 2009

304 Four Score and ... Last Weekend

It seems like forever ago, but it was just a week. I was in Atlanta, visiting the family, attending a reception for Picture Hope. It was such a whirlwind visit. I was exhausted!! I have never made such a short visit (on my own and on purpose) before and now I know why! We drove out on Friday, and we didn't arrive until around 10pm. Saturday we did a little shopping. Katie had decided that she wanted some "scrunchies" of her own, and Grammy wanted to get some for her. We might not have made it to my favorite kind of junk store (thrift/antique stores) but we certainly saw some junk at the Dollar Store. It amazes me when you can look in one direction and see Halloween products... then you turn around and it is Christmas! It is funny ... and sad.But they did not have scrunchies. And then we hit Target, still no luck. It was a Super Target so we grabbed a few groceries for the night. Well, we tried to. Target did not have CORNMEAL! How can a grocery store (even one in Target) not have cornmeal?? I am appalled! And of course, at the time, I was annoyed! We did get cornmeal, and I did make cornbread for the family dinner. We also baked a ham and potato casserole. And brownies, I can't forget the brownies. I forced the kids to sit still for a picture. As usual, I waited too long and they were not wanting to behave. These pictures may not be very good, but they are hilarious!It is slowly becoming fall in Atlanta. Grammy has a few roses still blooming, but not many. These roses originally came from my Great Aunt's house so we call them Griffin Roses.My very favorite tree, the Japanese Maple.Sunday night I attended a reception for Picture Hope. It was a wonderful little event, and I am so glad I did not allow myself to talk nyself out of going. Being out by myself is FAR from being in my element. Luckily, Stephanie Roberts has many wonderful friends who included me in their conversations. I am honored to have a picture in the Picture Hope book, and so happy I was able to attend this event. It was held at the Villa Serena in Conyers, GA. The place was gorgeous BUT SO HARD TO FIND! I almost gave up and went home. It was the perfect excuse to hightail it home, but I persevered and made it through the night.One of the things we did while I was in Atlanta was "plant plates" as a border for my Mom's flower beds. She had seen this done on several blogs she normally reads, and it looks adorable. Plus, Mom had a good point, The plates aren't seasonal, they provide color year round.

I am too tired to babble on tonight. We had another fun filled weeked!! More on that later.