Thursday, October 22, 2009

307 - Grovin'

It has been a while, but I wanted to put up the pics from our Saturday in the Grove. Every football season we try to get as many of the old crew together, mostly people that were either in Phi Psi or that hung out at the house with us. It is also the perfect excuse to get together with my best girls. (even if Katie asked me if Andrea was still in college because she looks so young)And our kids get to play together while we talk about the day when they will be students at Ole Miss. They are young and we can decide their futures for now. Luckily the Crawford's are ALWAYS prepared. This time they brought this ladder game which was a huge hit. And considering that we picked the Ole Miss/Alabama to attend there was a lot of time to kill since individual tickets were hard to find.And what trip would be complete without a trip to The Union to visit the bookstore. This pic was taken this year ... This picture was taken in 2007. Where did our wee munchkins go??Toward the end, the kids were getting restless so I let them take turns taking pictures. I think Riley took this one for us.And Molly took this pic.Even Chloe got in on the fun. Chloe loved to take pics!!Another Riley shot

The kids went back and forth from the tree where they could climb, to the chairs where they could draw. They got along surprisingly well. It is a good thing they were happy drawing because the Grove was a huge mudpie.

We can't wait to see everyone again. We will make a trip down NOLA way soon!!


margie said...

i am always so jealous when someone has a "football" day. i haven't been to any kind of a game since my youngest finished high school, two years ago!! we do settle in every sunday afternoon for a dose of NFL but never the same as freezing at a game.