Monday, June 23, 2008

64 I have joined the minivan brigade

We traded in the 2003 PT Cruiser
for this 2005 Town & Country I have now completed the circle of minivan ownership in my family. Biggest brother has a Toyota Sienna, and my not quite as big brother has a Honda Odyssey. In the few days that we have owned it Chip has already succumbed to its charms. Who can argue with the ease of a minivan with kids?!?! Especially with the automatic doors! Chip is just worried that the doors will die in the open position :) We have already made use of the extra seating. On Friday we took Katie and her friend Mia to the movie, along with both little brothers and Mia's Mom. Still room for one more.
And I must admit, being able to hit the REGULAR gas button instead of the super-duper gas button was so nice!
Katie wants it to be HER car when she can drive ... I bet that changes! She wants all of her friends to be able to watch movies while she drives (that 6 disc DVD player is nice!). Yeah, like I am turning a teenager loose with 6 of her closest friends. Or even worse, just one boy .... grrrr!!


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

I swore to never drive a minivan but have become quite fond of my Pontiac Montana. Like you said, the extra room is amazing and it's nice to put an extra seat between me and Anna Catherine's attitude :) Your artwork is wonderful. I also love the picture of Chip and Connor on Father's Day. Let's get together before school starts!