Wednesday, June 11, 2008

61 - time goes by

Life in the Jackson household has suffered considerably since Katie broke her arm. We have spent countless hours bobbing and weaving to her beck and call. Her ability to do things varies with the project and with who is available to help. Sometimes she is super self sufficient, sometimes she is helpless as a baby. She still has not worked up to sleeping in her own bed, though we are now sleeping in Chip's room instead of the living room. All the time spent laying on the couch wreaked havoc on her hair, and she has spent most days with a peacock tail of tangles. Today I detangled her for, hopefully, the last time. We are on the mend, and she rarely mentions the pain anymore. The worst time of day is bed time. As soon as she is not being distracted she remembers that her arm is broken. She has learned to write and draw pretty darn well with her left hand. Maybe she will be ambidextrous by the time that cast comes off in two weeks. She did have her first follow up appointment last week. The xray showed some bone already starting to form, and they rewrapped her cast - she opted for pink this time. Afterwards we went for yet another trip to Build-A-Bear for another friend (she got a gift certificate for her birthday).

Connor will be 8 months old tomorrow!! Connor has not slowed down. He has learned to commando crawl, but he has not managed to crawl with his tummy totally off the ground. To be fair it is a pretty good sized tummy. I had to creatively weigh him today, but not sure how accurate it really is. I weighed myself holding him and not holding him ... the difference was 22.6 lbs. Connor wants so badly to walk! He wants to stand all day, and he will try to take steps when you hold him up. He is also trying to CLIMB! Our dining room chairs are ladder-backed, and he tried to climb them the other day. He got about three rungs up before he could not reach any higher, and then he tried to jump to get to the next rung. He also will try to crawl into his walker, though he does not want to be in the walker. STILL NO TEETH! We went to another opthalmologist for a second opinion, but mainly to get one who would actually be helpful AT ALL! Our new guy was great, very nice and great with Connor. His staff was so friendly and sweet. The difference was night and day!! If you need an opthalmologist in Memphis, TN I would recommend Peepers!He was definitely worth the drive. We did not learn anything new, at least diagnosis wise. Connor has congenital Horner's Syndrome, which in the long term should pose no problems with his eyesight. Actually having someone explain it to me has set my mind at ease.

Hopefully life will slowly return to normal. I might have more than 5 minutes of "me time" at a stretch. Eventually we will be able to watch our shows and clear out the Tivo. I might be able to enjoy my new books at length.

Drawing with Children By Mona Brookes

I might even be able to create something of my own. Maybe I can learn to write and draw left handed, too :)

I did get to have a Girl's Night Out with my friend from across the street. She had bought two tickets to the Jewel concert at the Memphis Botanical Gardens, but could not find a babysitter. So she invited me to go while the hubby stayed home with the kids. I did try to offer to watch the kids, but she was ready for a girls night!! I prepared Katie for it, but she still threw a fit and cried inconsolably when it was time for me to go. Chip said she cried for a long time and she only calmed down when he told her I would bring her a Happy Meal on the way home *blech*! We had a great time (even if I did think about Katie crying the whole time). Jewel was awesome, as you would expect her to be. We cheated by taking pictures of the big screens since we were so far back. The camera police were not stopping anyone though! The night was not too hot, the traffic getting out was nothing ... it was fabulous all around. A good night and a good concert with a good friend!