Friday, June 20, 2008

63 Father's Day ... finally

I did not mean to leave it this long. I assure you, Chip is a wonderful father, but our family seems to be wearing me out lately. Poor guy ended up mowing the lawn and working out in the yard. And being the great dad that he is, when it was time to go to eat, he let Katie pick. I can't get enough of the way our kids look at him. Connor lights up every time his daddy is nearby, and Katie loves a good snuggle with daddy (even if she is in trouble). All those years ago, when we were just starting out I watched Chip interact with a baby in the row behind us at an Ole Miss football game and I knew he would be the wonderful father he is today.
These are the flowers Katie picked for her Daddy ...

and just another moment caught between father and son

Happy Belated Father's Day!