Tuesday, April 29, 2008


After the zoo on Friday you would have thought that Katie would have been exhausted (I know I was), but as soon as we got home she was off to play - well, I checked her out early when we got back, but as soon as her other friends were home from school. I took Connor over to my friend Candy's house and we sat out front with our babies. She had borrowed a friends Nikon D40 to take the team pics for her son's t-ball team, and we were talking cameras. What little I know about them anyway. I can teach you a little bit, but I don't claim to know what I am really doing. I know the basics, and I know how to play with my camera. My main advice, it is digital - so just take as many pictures as you can to get used to it, try out all the settings, just PLAY with it. And of course while I was there I had to snap a few pics of Connor with my camera.

Then he got a little tired. This is his tired face. He starts to fuss and you know it is time for a nap!!

Katie was going to spend the night at Mia's house. Notice that I say WAS. The girls have decided that they are too grown up to have to tell us when they go house to house. First they left Mia's house and came down to ours without telling, and then (even after we told them that if they did it again there would be no sleepover) they left our house and went back to Mia's. Believe me, it was pitiful when I went up to get Katie's bag.
"we forgot"
"can't I have one more chance"
Nope, maybe next weekend Katie ....

Katie is on a painting kick. Or, if she sees me painting then she wants in on the action ... which means that I have to stop what I am doing for her to paint. She did help me paint the hair on a new creation in progress.

Then she wanted to paint Daphne from Scooby Doo. So, I drew her out a reasonable likeness of Daphne and she painted away. She painted half the shirt red and asked me to finish it. I outlined the scarf, and did the lips. Other than that it is all Katie. She is especailly proud that she combined the orange and yellow to make the color for her hair.

Connor tried water. He kept grabbing at Chip's bottle so we let him have some. I think he was mainly enjoying the cold on his gums, but he drank a little. He always wants to "help" so a lot ended up pouring out on his bib.

I am a little embarrassed by this purchase, but not enough that I don't think it was a great aquisition. Found this at Target on clearance for $19.98, originally $79.99. The bad part, it is "naked Brothers Band" themed. The good part, it can store pictures, music, and it even can do Java games. Oh, and video as well. I can't make myself pay for an iPod, but this is close. I mainly wanted something to carry some pics around.