Friday, April 25, 2008


Oh to be a child. Katie has totally forgiven and forgotten about being pushed down. I have not and I still watch her like a hawk when she is playing outside, but so far everything has been running smoothly. I think the little boy got in enough trouble that he does not want to repeat his mistake. I just hate feeling like I have to be looming over my child in order to protect her!!
Katie must truly love Mia (her new best friend), she used her own allowance money to buy her an ice cream the other day. Have I mentioned that I abhor the ice cream man? And I did not expect this to happen so quickly. They love to share clothes. They change back and forth. Somedays it is just changing a t-shirt for a tank top. Today they were trading their jeans for long skirts.
Connor has become the King of Rolling! From one day to the next!! Now you can't keep him on his back. You put him down and he immediately flips over. He rolled across the whole living room today. (I cleaned the carpets so I would feel a little better about that). I think he is not too far from crawling. He has figured out how to shimmy. He will rock side to side on his tummy until he inches closer to his toys. His chubby little legs just flexing.

He is even getting better at sitting up. Those little muscles will get coordinated eventually and we will be living on lockdown. Lucky for Katie she is big enough to work the gates. And he is LOVING the Biter Biscuits ... nasty nasty messy things!
Connor also had a CT scan on his little noggin Thursday morning. He was amazing! I expected him to freak out and scream like crazy, but he just lay there watching the machine. He was completely fascinated! It did help that he had his pacifier in, just sucking on it for all he was worth. And I am sure that having Daddy there holding his hand was very calming. That boy loves his Daddy something fierce! I am anxious to find out the results, but who knows how long that is going to take. I think it took almost 2 weeks before we really heard about his chest x-ray and abdominal ultrasound. Apparently we need to bug them until they give us the answers we need. I just feel like they should be the ones to contact us, they are the ones getting paid. They are the ones with the medical knowledge. We are the poor schlubs who have to sit around, worrying while they twiddle their thumbs.

Today is our 6 year anniversary!! It would have been Wednesday, but we overslept and had to reschedule our ceremony :) Now you know the real reason I did not want a big wedding. I would have had to be on time!!