Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Man, I make all these plans to keep this updated more regularly, then I just fizzle out. So, here I am playing catch up again.
We have been descended on by the neighborhood kids. I am about to go crazy with girls. Or, I was. I had to put a stop to the foolishness that started. I don't mind having a few kids in my house, but there were just too many of them. And especially when they came over to "play with Katie" but Katie was in the backyard and there were still three girls hanging out in the bathroom putting on Katie's make-up. I ended up with nail polish on the floor, the wall, and the coffee table. There was powder and blush everywhere. The handtowel was soaking wet and laying in a clump on the floor. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! Seriously!! These girls would never be allowed to do that in their own homes, so why do they do it here? Give them an inch and apparently they will take a trip around the world. Then there is Katie, just being sweet Katie - offering them all kinds of food. It was costing me about $10 a day to have these kids over. Not to mention that instead of being able to clean up the mess that exists in my house (and there is plenty) I had to clean up the new messes. There was no way to make headway. Then there was the fact that I was having to send kids home for fighting. Oh, did I mention that most of these kids are 3-5 years older than Katie! WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO PLAY WITH A FIVE YEAR OLD??? So they can boss her around. Katie loves playing with the big girls but I am starting to think that her time with them needs to be limited. We have cut back on having kids over. Katie has made a friend her own age that lives about 5 houses up. She has been friends for a long time with the boys across the street. I am comfortable with that. I want her to be friendly to everyone, but I do not want them all in my house. I do not want to play police when they are over. And I especially do not want to have to play maid and nurse while they are here.

Connor had another chest x-ray trying to figure out this Horner's Syndrome thing, but everything looks normal. Next we are looking at urinalysis and a head scan. We also had taken Katie to the doctor several times recently for various problems, but we kept telling them she had a cough. We finally got the female doctor of the practice, and she checked her out - Katie has bronchitis - two inhalers and a suspension. Poor girlie, but she is starting to feel better. Katie also had her endocrinologist check-up. She is doing so awesome! Her A1C was 5.6!!! Doc said we can start just checking her twice a day - not that we will be able to do that. There are too many times that Katie comes to us asking to be checked. But she is doing so great on the pills, much better than she ever did with shots. Finding out about monogenic diabetes was the best thing ever!!! Miracles do happen, but I am still waiting for the cure!!
We went to visit Chip's parents in Cleveland, MS last weekend. It was surprisingly relaxing. It was nice to just sit around chatting with his family. It will never beat seeing my own, but it is still pretty great. Katie had a FABULOUS time with her cousins. They played frisbee, climbed trees, and rode a scooter. We wnt to the park near their house to feed the ducks. We sat around and talked about nothing. Connor rarely was put down. He loved all of the attention. He is such a happy baby!

Katie finally got her new bike. Mimi and Pop Pop had given us the money for it at Christmas but the weather was finally good enough to warrant actually purchasing it. We had decided on one at Sports Authority, but when we got there they did not have the same one. Katie wanted to go to Wally World, so of course we did. She picked out this pink bike that is 18 inches. It is really a bit too big for her, but it does have training wheels. It will definitely last her longer than the 16 inch bikes which she looked like she would outgrow by the end of the summer. And she picked out her own helmet and pads - Cheetah Girls. We took it out to the park behind the house for her to ride with her friend Mia, but she is having a little problem with hills. She can't pedal standing yet so it is hard for her to get enough muscle behind it. The first time she went down the hill she did not manage to turn in time, and she ran into someone's fence. She was not hurt and she got right back on. I think she will end up being a bit sore trying to llearn to ride a new bike, but eventually she will get the hang of it. Now if I can just get her to agree to learn to ride without training wheels!

Can't you just hear this belly laugh!?!?!?! How adorable is this man?