Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yet another Santa visit

This will go down in history as the year of the Santa. We went back to the mall to get a picture with Connor in it. Of course, this HAD to be done so I guess it is nothing out of the ordinary ... but today Santa will be at Katie's school for pictures. I had luckily sat down and explained to her about multiple Santas. I told her that Santa sends out his elves dressed as Santa to get all the lists of toys for Santa to deliver. He may be magic, but he can't be everywhere at once. I say lucky because there was a different Santa at the mall than two weeks ago. I would never have thought they would change at the same mall. I figured they have one Santa ... looks bad to keep changing him. Maybe one of them had an emergency, but it is confusing for kids. Santa freaks kids out enough without making them question his existence in the middle of a busy mall.
Katie was sweet. She had already told Santa what she wanted last time, so she told Santa what her little brother wanted. I will have to find out what that was :) And then we went to Build-A-Bear. Katie had been begging to go. She even used her own allowance to pay for her new bear. Her name is Sierra (named after Katie's best friend from school). She got her a Mrs. Claus outfit and some sparkly shoes. It really is a cute store. A good experience all around. Maybe she will love this bear more since she created her. Then we hit Ruby Tuesday for dinner.

Yet another trip with the two kiddos without Chip. It isn't impossible, but it is stressful. Guess I will get better at that in time.