Friday, December 14, 2007

Connor is 2 Months Old

Hard to believe that 2 months have already passed. Our little chunker is growing so big! He is holding his head up pretty good. He is super dooper strong. His hair is still not growing, but it still looks "gingy" to me! Some nights he sleeps pretty good, and if I would just go to bed instead of waiting up for Chip then I would not be exhausted all the time.
Poor guy experienced his first Momma photoshoot last night. I got everything all set up, and got him ready (wasn't hard since I was dooing nakey pictures ;) ), laid him down and took two shots .... and he peed! That boy LOVES to pee at the worst times. I had prepared for it with waterproof pads underneath so I just decided to keep shooting. Chip thinks I am mean for doing nakey pictures, but I think they are absolutely adorable!! Besides, he is 2 months old and you HAVE to have naked pictures of the babies.