Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well, mostly merry. We headed to Atlanta to spend the holiday with my family. I was planning on staying for a week, but plans changed quickly. We ended up leaving Monday instead of Sunday. We were exhausted from being up all night with the little man, and we did not want to risk the drive. So, we left fairly early Monday and we got to Grammy's house around 6 pm Atlanta time. Connor did great on the trip. He slept the whole way!! We stopped in Anniston at the Target and gave him a bottle while we did some quick shopping. (ran in to the nicest and friendliest people in that Target)
Vince, ronka, and Austin came over for a while and we had some chili and visited. Then Katie scattered her reindeer food in the yard, put out Santa's milk and cookies, and eventually went to bed. It was getting pretty late and I was starting to think Santa would pass her by, but after 5 stories she was sound asleep. Then Grammy, Chip and I stayed up to help Santa with the gifts. It is a good thing that Connor did not have to be asleep or Santa would have never come. Katie woke us up bright and early to tell us that Santa had come.
She was so EXCITED!! We got all the presents opened and stockings unstuffed. Then we had to get ready for the rest of the family to arrive at 2pm. Much cooking and baking ensued.
Katie was ecstatic to see her cousins!! They had a great time playing. Running around screeching seemed to be the majority of it. And of course we got to meet Amelia for the first time. She is such a smiley happy baby!! The cutest mohawk you have ever seen!! Austin did a great job of being the oldest cousin and being "in charge". It was wonderful to just sit around and be able to chat with the whole family. No stress, just hanging out.
Sometime on Monday Connor started wheezing. It got worse on Tuesday. By Tuesday night we were really getting worried, so we decided that the best idea would be to head back to Mississippi so we could take him to his pediatrician. We left at 1 am (12 am central) and arrived in Horn Lake before the doctors office was open, so we hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Good thing we did get to eat because the rest of the day flew by. The doc listened to Connor's chest and diagnosed him with bronchialitis, and gave him a breathing treatment. Then they sent us on to Le Bonheur for a chest xray. Results ... Connor has RSV. We were admitted to the hospital, and after 6 hours finally got a room. Luckily, we caught this early. Connor is eating fine, which is one of the main worries. And he is STRONG!! He is up to 12 lbs. 4 oz. They kept us over night to be able to watch him, but since he was doing so well they let us come home Thursday afternoon. He is on antibiotics because they saw some spots on his chest xray that could mean pneumonia. But, like I said, he is a strong little man and he is doing great.