Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seeing Santa

It always amazes me how contrary kids can be! Last year Katie refused to go anywhere near Santa. She was so freaked out that I did not make her sit on his lap. We even had to tell her that he doesn't come down the chimney like the story says .... he just wiggles his nose and the presents appear in the house magically. So, imagine my surprise when we were at Wolfchase Mall two weeks ago and she insisted she see Santa. She HAD to see him!! I tried to argue that she wasn't dressed, but there was no stopping her. And what could bring on the about-face? What else ... Polly Pocket! She knows that her only hope to get the Polly Pocket Jet is if Santa brings it since Mom and Dad have had enough of Polly Pocket. Katie ran right up to Santa, jumped in his lap, and gave him the biggest hug!! And she sat and chatted with him. Just talking away. She asked for the Jet, and two Polly sets, and a set of Barbie make-up. When Santa asked if she had been a good girl she said "yes ... but Marlin is always bad." She ratted out one of the boys in her class! Hilarious!! Santa was really slow so we got to take a lot of pictures, and she got to take her time talking to him. She did GREAT! Now I just have to take them back so Connor can have his picture taken with Santa!