Wednesday, August 31, 2011

462 A (MUCH NEEDED) Night With Friends

One of my husband's fraternity brothers recently got married (they ran away and did it on the beach like sensible adults), and they invited everyone to come celebrate with a reception in their honor. Travel is pretty hard to pull off, but we are lucky enough that the happy couple lives right around here. I had been looking forward to seeing a bunch of our college buddies and having time to catch up with everyone. We all know I don't get out of the house very often, so this was an excellent opportunity.
Like I said, Eric and Tammy were married on the beach, so the reception had a Hawaiian theme... sundresses and Hawaiian shirts. Those trips to the mall from the last post were in search of the perfect dress... but since the perfect dress doesn't exist, I settled for this one...

Chip preferred one of the shorter dresses I had tried on, but to be perfectly honest, the dress he liked was rather tight and I wouldn't have been able to enjoy myself ...or breathe deeply. This one had the added bonus of a low neckline... I figured that not many people would make it past the cleavage to notice the ample hips. Chip just rolled his eyes, but come on! you know it was a valid point. It isn't as noticeable from this angle, but trust me.

After a bit of a last minute scramble to find a babysitter (thank you so much Nicole!!), we were all set for a night with our buddies. You know we were excited because the Jaxons were early! I know, it's a miracle!

And what a night. I danced like a fool! No, not because of the alcohol ... Mostly because I am not known for my dancing skills. I am not afraid to get out there and shake it (as long as there are a few people to act crazy with me)! I did have a few drinks, but if anything they only caused me to be more cautious ... those little cups are slosh prone on the dance floor. Yes, I even did the required wedding party line dances. I refused to "clap clap clap, clap yo hands" ... I did have my hands full after all (drink and phone...shush, I put my phone in Chip's pocket a few times, but I needed to have the camera part of it ready). Oh, and I apologize to anyone whose feet I stepped on, but that will teach you to dance too close to me.
p.s. Clearest sign I was dancing like a wild thing ... I was sore the next day! OUCH! (and so sad)

There is not much that will beat a night with old friends. A few couldn't make it, and they were sorely missed, but all in all we had a fabulous time. If I could convince everyone to head back to college I totally would! I love you all! There was lots of laughing and talking and hugging and laughing. YES, there was enough laughter to warrant saying it twice. And I was really in need of some good hugs!

Even if the lighting was abysmal... I know! I know! It is more romantic to be dimly lit... BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES!?!? I brought my big camera, but I felt odd taking it out when there was a photographer walkng around. I settled for really being a guest and enjoying my friends!  In this day and age of camera phones and instantly posting to facebook reception halls should turn up the lights a wee bit ;) That being said, a few pics from the night (forgive them).

Super blurry, but it would have been so cute! UGH!!!

I wish you a lifetime of joy.
A lifetime of love.
I wish for you to start and end each day with a kiss.
I wish for you long conversations about nothing ..and everything.
I wish for you comfortable silences, too.
I wish you happiness in yourselves and in each other.

 Congratulations! And thank you so much for inviting us to help celebrate your marriage!