Thursday, August 4, 2011

458 First Day of Fourth

Today my little girl went back to school. She is now officially a Fourth Grader. And while I am excited about the new level of calm in my house, I am already missing my girl. But hey! At least I was able to get on the computer for more than two minutes. Guess I will have time to bore everyone to death again.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for this year of school.
Last year Katie was miserable. Her teacher was a screamer, and the little girls in her class were already pulling out the "popular" card. It is amazing how kids interpret being "popular" as being the biggest bitch. Gee, thanks a lot Disney! She spent the summer asking me to homeschool her, but she WILL NOT listen to me so I would have no hope of her actually doing any work. Plus, I think it is important for kids to interact with others. They need to learn how to deal with conflict and adversity. In real life you will not always be surrounded by the ones who love you most, so you have to learn how to trust in yourself and have strength. It is a hard lesson to learn, and it is one I seem to be forgetting myself.

We are also breaking in two teachers to helping Katie monitor her diabetes. I can only hope it goes more smoothly than last year. If they start sending her to the office in order to call and eat her snack when her blood sugar is out of whack again I will flip my lid. She was missing thirty minutes of class ... and then being expected to understand what the teacher didn't teach her. The whole point to having her 504 Plan is so that her diabetes does not have an impact on her learning. Last year Katie was made to feel that there was something wrong with her. She felt singled out. She was made to feel that she was interrupting the class.
How hard is it to allow a child to check her sugar? She knows how to do it herself.
How distracting is it for her to eat a bag of fruit snacks? It isn't messy and it goes quickly.
How hard is it to show respect for a child? Way too hard apparently.

So, keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for Katie AND her teachers... I am hoping this won't be as bumpy of a ride as last year.