Thursday, August 11, 2011

459 That Atlanta Trip I Took and Never Shared

On July 26th I became an aunt again (and possibly for the last time *sigh*)! And what a cutie he is! I had to restrain myself for a day before the kids and I headed for one last visit to Atlanta before the summer break was over.  Working around a school schedule really cuts into our ability to visit freely, so I wasn't sure when my next chance to run home would be. With a fresh and shiny baby to snuggle and family to visit it was a must!

I woke up bright and early Wednesday morning and threw way too many clothes into laundry baskets (I am a master packer. Be jealous of my skills). Then I loaded up the kids and the hamster for the drive to Atlanta. Yes, we had to take the hamster. Poor Pepper has to put up with so much as part of our family :) In order to take the kids on potty breaks we had to put her in her exercise ball and stash her in my purse. It was pushing 100 degrees outside and there was NO way I was risking another hamster heat stroke... Katie wanted to carry the ball, but I was finally able to convince her that most places frown on bringing rodents inside.

I did manage to time my arrival to Atlanta to coincide with rush hour, but at least I wasn't dealing with Talladega traffic this time! Luckily I only had a few miles of bumper to bumper to deal with, but it was MORE than enough. Especially coming at the tail end of a long drive listening to "How much longer we be here?" But even with the traffic, and the blanket of smog hiding most of the skyline, it felt so good to be back home. Turning into the neighborhood was a great feeling.

We were able to relax for a little while before we headed up to the hospital so I could get my baby fix.

AND HOW CUTE IS HE??!! This is Spencer. The newest addition to the family. I might be a little biased, but I think he is super handsome. And there is nothing like holding a fresh baby to make your hormones kick into overdrive. I think it is all that new baby smell. (and yes, I didn't break out the big camera, these are from the phone)

 We always try to have at least a little "adventure" when we are in Atlanta, and this time my mom had the excellent idea of going to the Southern Railway Museum in Duluth, GA. Connor was in HEAVEN!Even if it was pushing 100 degrees out there and it was SWELTERING! Still, all in all it was a very cool outing.

 They got to climb up in the cab of the General and look around.
 They had all different kinds of public transportation, not just trains. I loved this cute bus.
 And we got to walk through a lot of different types of cars. Did I mention it was REALLY HOT? or that the trains are REALLY OLD? Some of them also happened to be REALLY STINKY. No way to avoid that of course, but be prepared to do some mouth breathing in a few of the cars.

And of course we had to catch a little train ride. The whistle hurt Connor's ears but he was certainly game to put up with it for a train ride.
 Also important to note for anyone planning to take kids to the Southeastern Railway Museum ... The gift shop is full of actual train themed merchandise. And it is all reasonably priced. I hate nothing more than going somewhere, walking in the gift shop to see them selling something I could buy at Walmart... for three times the price. If I am going to purchase a souvenir then I want it to really reflect the experience.
After the train museum we ran over to the SprayPark in Roswell. The kids didn't play very long, but they certainly needed the chance to cool off.

I didn't take as many pictures this time in Atlanta. Next time I come home I will be able to force everyone to take a new family pic, but with Ronka and Spence in the hospital it wasn't going to happen this time around. As usual I didn't get to see everyone enough. Katie and Connor want to see their cousins more often. We did get to go out to dinner with some friends who qualify as family. I was trying to pack visiting and recharging my sanity into one trip ... and I think the sanity recharge failed. I just hope I can get back home soon to see everyone.
Georgia, I miss you already.