Monday, May 30, 2011

452 Making Crafty Plans for Fiber Arts Friday

I have been consumed with end of school, birthday, minor medical emergency x2, and cleaning. Spare moments have been spent doodling and painting ... and by spare moments I mean when I am stuck outside sweating and watching the kids play.

There are a few things which have popped into my head that I want to work on that will fit into my Fiber Arts Friday type stuff, but they are sadly still in my head. I have made a few more small purses. A few moments here and there are all I have had to devote to crochet.

The only thing that purse has carried is a hamster ... that poor, poor rodent ..
I also made a cute one with chenille yarn. Soft and fuzzy.

BUT! My next project is to make some little arm covers for the chair I rescued from the neighbor. I have coveted this chair (and its twin which he still has) since the first time I saw it. The lines. THE BACK! Swoon! This one is more worn than the other, but it is mostly on the arms. I eventually would like to try to make a slipcover for it, but I think I will be content with some arm covers for now.
I gave it a good steam cleaning before I brought it into the house to live. I would love to haul it out in the middle of a field for some pictures...

My other project is for my Soon-To-Be Nephew. Awhile back I bought a pattern for a baby portrait prop. It is a crocheted baby coccoon, and I would love for my newest family member to be the first inside. Luckily I have until July 28th to complete that project.

I also would love to do some more quilting. I really enjoyed making that art quilt, so I might have to make time to play with my sewing machine. Maybe another baby quilt will go into the works... a baby quilt is the largest size I have ever completed...

And ... it is summer vacation here, and last year the girls made little purses. Maybe this year we will make it all the way to completing a pillow. One of the days when it is too hot to even contemplate going outside I will break out the sewing machines for them.

So, there are endless things to do ... just need to find (or MAKE) the time to do them.