Sunday, May 8, 2011

448 Small Crochet Purse Tutorial

A quickie project (shhh, it wasn't last minute and mostly to fill this spot) ...
This is the first multiple stitch I ever learned, and it has remained a favorite because it is so simple and it looks great. I use it for baby blankets quite a bit.

The Stitch - We will call it the Simple Shell since I have no idea what the real name is. As long as your base chain is divisible by three then this will work. Every third hole you do 1 single crochet and 2 double crochets. The most complicated part? Remembering the start and end of each row.

For the purse I created a chain of 48 stitches (yarn is cotton, worsted weight. F hook). You will subtract 3 and divide by 3 to figure out how many shells you will have on each row. 48-3=45 / 3 = 15 ... okay, technically you will have 14 full shells since the final spot will be how you create the turn.

Chain 48. You will do 1 double crochet in the third opening from your hook. Then you coninue in your pattern until the last hole on the row. When you hae reached the last possible place for a stitch you just do 1 single crochet, chain three and turn. After the turn you will do 1 double chain in the first hole, then start over with the pattern. Simple. It creates a small puffy shell. (is any of this making sense?)

I think the purse is eight rows. I lay the rectangle out (without binding off), then folded it in thirds to create my purse shape, stitching up the sides still with the yarn uncut using a slipstitch through both layers. I had to bring the yarn across the bottom to stitch the other side, so I estimated how much yarn that would take and "sewed" it through the bottom before stitching up the other side. I created the strap by  slipstitching my yarn into one corner, chaining until I had the length I wanted and slipstitching, then I single crocheted my way back to the other side. Make sure you use a few stitches when joining to the purse for stability.

My purse is super small, about the size of a man's billfold, but it is easy to increase the pattern to any size you wish, just increase in multiples of three.

Hmm ... Fiber Arts Friday seems to keep happening on Sunday, but Sunday doesn't start with an F ... and since no one seems to mind I will just keep Friday. It is mostly just a suggestion anyway, it really means the whole weekend.

Most of this week I was playing in my sketchbook, and I will be adding pics to my Sketchbook link on the side soon.