Tuesday, May 17, 2011

449 Dear Mom...

As with everything else in my life I am doing this late. I have no clue why I am always behind, but it can't be blamed on you. I am pretty sure I have never known you to be late (when it wasn't my fault) ever. I don't think I learned all the lessons I should have growing up because I am clearly an amateur when it comes to this parenting thing. I lack your patience and quiet strength. And obviously your organizational skills. I think you must have found extra hours in the day that no one else knew about. I seem to turn in circles without ever getting anything done.
I did learn the most important lesson. LOVE. Above and beyond anything else was your devotion to us, even at our most unappreciative. As I watch Katie, and I see the beginnings of puberty (way too soon), I remember what a horrible brat I was and I am afraid. Very afraid!

---Gee, Thanks Blogger for deleting this post and only having a partial saved in drafts. I wrote something really sweet and touching here. Luckily my Mom got to read it before you decided to remove EVERYONE'S last post. I know they say that anything you put on the internet can be found, even after it is deleted, but I just don't have the skills (read, patience) to look for it.

So, in summation ... Thank you Mom for always being my biggest supporter, my loudest cheerleader, and my shoulder to lean on. I love you!

Happy Mother's Day!
You know, to anyone who didn't read it when I wrote it the FIRST time ....