Wednesday, February 10, 2010

340 The Tooth Fairy Cometh!

Monday night I was tucking Connor in when Chip came in to tell me that he would finish up because Katie had something to show me. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I suspected she wanted to read me a book. She is really getting into reading now, and I am so excited! But alas ... it was only a tooth....


I am not sure why, but Katie's teeth DO NOT want to fall out!! She has been working at this one for a good month. She apparently had it turned completely sideways, so Chip had to help her finish the extraction. I was in charge of finding the tooth pillow and proper photographic documentation.

Lucky for Katie, she didn't threaten to punch the tooth fairy. Unlucky for me, The Rock didn't actually show up in a tutu. The tooth fairy did pull through, and Katie woke up to a five dollar bill under her pillow. All is right with the world ... for now.


Mocha Dad said...

Wow! Five bucks for a tooth? The tooth fairy only leaves one dollar at our house. We're getting ripped off.