Monday, February 1, 2010

335 Winter Weather Advisory

Technically that is true. We had some "winter weather" just not to the extreme it was predicted. Apparently the bad stuff passed a little further north of us, and all we got was a few flurries and some sleet.

They canceled school (big surprise) on Friday. The snow didn't start until after 9, and it ended well before school would have been out. That is fine though, one less day to realize I didn't leave enough time to defrost the windshield. I was all set to roll over and snuggle under the covers, but Katie was so excited that they canceled school that her joy woke up Connor.
Once again there wasn't even enough of the white stuff to make taking pictures a fun thing. This is what the deck looked like after Friday's winter weather. Sad .....
I will say, this is one of the rare times when I am so glad that our house is not surrounded by old-growth trees. The creaking of the trees in the park was pretty to listen to, but it would have been quite scary over our heads!
The next day I was looking out the window and saw the flag that is behind the intermediate school. And it made me so sad, and slightly angry, that they had left it out during the storm.
The kids did get out and play on Saturday. Slipping and sliding on the ice. Playing hide and seek, and generally trying my nerves. I was just waiting for the slip and smack ... We managed to avoid concussions for one more day!!
(knock on wood ... who am I kidding? I knocked on my head)Yeah ... I tried to tell them not to eat the ice, but they have never listened to me before. At least it wasn't yellow ;) And on Sunday out came the SUN ... and the world melted. The sun shining through the ice was spectacular! There was no way to capture it perfectly .... so gorgeous!


Kathleen said...

I like the icicle pictures!! Very nice!