Friday, February 5, 2010

338 SOOC Saturday - Cupcakes

Wanna know what is sad?
I don't use my cake plate very often.
Wanna know why that is sad?
Because that means I don't make cake nearly often enough.

SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) Saturday is hosted by Melody at Slurping Life!

Drop in, leave a comment ... and check out the other submissions and show them some love, too.


Melissa said...

Yummy shots!

Mominin said...

Looks delicious!

rickismom said...

Good for my diet that they are SLIGHTLY out of reach!The lower light in the third shot makes it all the better!

Donna said...

I don't make cake or cupcakes often either. A very uplifting and tasty SOOC shot. Thank you!
Have a great weekend!

Caroline said...

Love the focus on the first shot :D Very inviting cupcakes!

Lisa said...

Umm do you need my address? Why you ask. I thought perhaps some of those could be sent my way.

Yummy shots, cupcakes one of my faves!

K said...

must eat cake now

melody is slurping life said...

OMG those cupcakes and images are delish! Agreed...make more cupcakes.

And that face, too adorable.

So happy to have you re-join SOOC Saturday.

Kathleen said...

Matthew just saw the plate full of cupcakes and said "oh I want one of those cupcakes!"