Thursday, February 4, 2010

337 Bringing Back the 80's

A year or so ago, a skating rink opened up near our house. And I do mean VERY NEAR! Katie is constantly begging to go skate. Which would be fine, except that during the week it doesn't even open until 6 and she needs to be headed towards bed by 8 (like that ever happens). That doesn't mean she will stop asking. She is 7, and imperturbable. You can say "NO!" a million times over and she will ask a million and one times more. It is annoying, but DAMN is she persistent! Of course she doesn't take all of those no's in stride. We have put up with our share of tears and tantrums. Threatened groundings and carried them out.

....but every once in a while we give in....
And this is why! How adorable is this?? AND! Connor was able to spend time with one of his girlfriends. She was so cute, following him around and imitating his every move. Connor walks around with his hands in his pockets, so she had to too. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!And she broke her Daddy's heart by kissing Connor with much enthusiasm and REPEATEDLY!


crazysahm said...

BLASPHEMY!!! Vivian is crushed that Connor would cheat on her like that and even posted for the world to see...this relationship is already on the rocks.