Monday, July 21, 2008

71 WiiFIT and Polar Bears

And the trash lives on ... we did however get the living room rearranged so that I can use my WiiFIT a little easier. I hate to admit that a game is an actual workout, but my legs are jelly. I can feel my love handles slimming out, yes already. I can tell my posture is improving, ever so slowly. Now if I could just manage to find a way to do it without having Connor asleep AND Katie asleep or at her friends. Sure, you might ask why I don't just get a workout by moving and cleaning the metric ton of crap in my house? Why? Because that ain't FUN! In WiiFIT you get points and stars, in real life I get a child who enters a clean room and five seconds later it is as messy as it ever was. I could mop the floor and have it ruined before I throw out the water. What kind of motivation is that? Does it make you want to clean the house, me neither!!??!!

On a non-cleaning note- we went to the Zoo on Thursday. Charity and I loaded up the kids for a game of sweltering heat and animals. We did have a great time, if you don't count all the grumbling over picture taking. Katie was not even the worst!! Jacob and Katie ran up to the entrance holding hands and I did not have my camera!! It was so darn cute. We meandered through the zoo. Cats, playground, snakes, kimodo dragons, aquarium, farm, train, birds, pandas, elephants, Northwest Passage, African animals, and a short dip in the "stream". Along the way the kids enjoyed their icees, though I think they really liked mixing them the best. The polar bears were in rare form. There was another child at the zoo with his Build-A-Bear teddy, and one of the polar bears seemed particularly taken with it. In fact, it seemed obsessed. It stopped in mid-swim to check it out, then followed it around. When the boy ran off the polar bear continued to look for the teddy bear. At first I thought the bear was just curious ... then it started to divebomb the glass. The gift shop sells stuffed polar bears, surely it sees teddy bears all the time?? I don't know what it was about this particular bear that set it off. It was the Fourth of July teddy, white with stars. I can only guess that the polar bear was a female. The other bear had no interest in the teddy. When it swam by the first bear would smack it away. Totally curious about that bear now. Was it a female? Has she lost a cub? Is she expecting? Just hungry? I would have loved for a keeper to have come out. I do hate that she was agitated though. Poor thing.