Friday, July 18, 2008

70 I lied

I am not going to do a longer post. Mainly because I just don't have the time between trying to live my present life and trying to figure out how in the world I am going to convince all the crap in my house to get up and leave on its own. I am just not good at throwing stuff out. Hmmm, Chip played "bouncer" a few times in college. Maybe I should let him do it. Though I must say that if I let Chip throw stuff out then it will be MY stuff, it will be KATIE'S stuff, maybe even CONNOR'S stuff ... but very little of his stuff. I got so disgusted with the mess that I stood in the kitchen and took shots of my garbage heap, put together I am hoping to create a 360 degree view of hell. Be very afraid.
But, about Atlanta :) WE had a great time with family and a few friends. Never enough time to see or do everything we want. I was supposed to go back on Friday the 11th, and on Thursday Mom insisted we actually DO something. Chip had already vetoed the beach and teaching Connor to walk, so we went with the Fernbank Science Center. Amazingly, I think it was exactly the way it was when we would go there for school fieldtrips. We headed over to the Fernbank Museum, but when Katie heard that there were not any mummies she wanted nothing to do with it. At least we did not pay before we told her! I am sure it is cool, but for the money they were charging I would rather head to Graceland and show Katie the Jungle Room (next time you visit Mom). We did go back to the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory for the wonderful mummy exhibit. Though I must admit that Katie FLEW through it. She did want to show Connor the mummies which was pretty cute. I got to see my brothers and their families a couple times. We had a great time on the Fourth at my oldest brother's house, even if Mom did take a picture of me climbing into the pool! *SHUDDER* We were able to go see my friend Ashlee and her little guy. Went out to dinner with Judd, Julie, and Kyle. And of course, we went to "My Favorite Place" for a junking adventure. I had a few good finds. Mainly, we just had a great time being with Grammy. Connor may not have been allowed to learn to walk, but he did learn to clap, cluck his tongue, and he learned that he LOVES pickles.
Now, about the refuse heap that I call my house ...