Tuesday, July 15, 2008

67 The BESTEST Birfday Cake EVAH!

So now I totally understand the billboards that I have been seeing around that say "Our Kids Can't Read!!" The one I remember the best has the word MISSISSIPPI, but the S-es are all facing the wrong way. Well, I turned the big 3-1 almost two weeks ago now (been out of town so that is why the blog is so behind, oh and that I am lazy). Chip surprised me with a cake from our local Schnucks. You tell me if you see anything wrong with it ...

yeah, you got it ... apparently I turned thirty oneth, or thirty firth as I like to call it.

Chip said that he watched her doing it and was too dumb-founded to stop her. Truly makes it my cake though. Anytime Chip orders something for me it will get messed up. I do have to point out that Chip did the little heart thingy. He tries ...

maybe next year he will remember that I like buttercream frosting on a yellow/white cake :) it could happen!