Friday, May 30, 2014

484 Baby Name Blocks

A friend commissioned me to create some baby name blocks for a friend of hers. I had never made any, but I was sure I could figure it out. She did send me a couple links of blocks she had seen that she liked and some for the bedding that would be in the nursery. I hope I was able to create something that the mom-to-be will love.

My arms got a workout cutting the blocks by hand. Sanding and priming the blocks also took longer than I expected. I am not used to waiting for paint to dry... Patience has never been my virtue. For this I had to learn to exercise a little restraint.

The bedding had dogs and sports balls on it. I was having trouble fitting the dogs in with the letters, so I created the two extra blocks for the pups.

I think they turned out pretty cute, and my friend was happy with them ... Now I just am keeping my fingers crossed that Aydrian's mom will like them, too.