Friday, February 25, 2011

433 Fiber Arts Friday - Yarn from a T-Shirt and a Headband Tutorial

I am going to try to institute Fiber Arts Friday on my blog. I am trying to set goals for posting, gain some consistency. It will also take some of the guesswork out of it. I craft like a chicken with its head cut off, so I need a little guidance sometimes.
My first project is upcycling a t-shirt into "yarn". If you have read my blog for a few months then you have seen my other t-shirt projects (my t-shirt rose wreath and my t-shirt Christmas tree). I obviously have an abundance of t-shirts. However, I wear the same ones over and over, so I need to clear the closet. Here is one more project to accomplish that goal. 
I first ran across this idea on StumbleUpon (if you have never used it, check it out! Its a great search engine that will suggest sites based on your interests) when it suggested this blogpost on Craft Passion. As usual, if my tutorial doesn't make sense then I will suggest you visit the original.

You need to start with a t-shirt (obviously) ... make sure your t-shirt does NOT have side seams.
In the pictures I am using a rotary cutter, but the first two balls of yarn I made I just used a good ol' pair of scissors.
Cut off the body of the t-shirt below the arms.

The trick to making a continuous length of yarn is to leave an inch on one side of the shirt UNcut.
I made each strip 5/8ths of an inch thick.
Slice, slice, slice...
 You will end up with something that looks like this. See the solid piece on the right.
I slid my arm under the solid section to make sure I did not cut into the strips.
 It is hard to see here, but you will make a diagonal cut between each strip. So, if you are coming up on the first cut section you will cross over to the second cut section on the opposite side. (there is a better picture on the original post, promise).
 Then just take your length of "yarn" and stretch it out. It will create a tube effect.
 Roll it up all nice and pretty and ready to use.

Upcycled T-Shirt Yarn Headband

T-shirt yarn
P Crochet Hook (11.5 mm)

Chain 30
 Slip stitch to join.
Chain 2
Double crochet 17
Chain 13

 Slip stitch to join.
 Weave ends through. I left mine long and tied into a bow until I can create a flower to embellish.

The first one I made was twice as thick. I created this headband, but instead of weaving in the ends I chained 2, Double Crochet 17, Chain 13, Slip Stitch to join, then weave in ends.

 And I still have plenty of t-shirt yarn to play with!

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