Sunday, February 6, 2011

429 It's Been A While ...

Sadly we have had to make use of the Small Animal 15 day guarantee .... TWICE! Poor Kimmy got wet tail. Then we got Rosebud...

She was fluffy and big ... and she bit the heck out of my finger that first night. She also got wet tail. They say it isn't contagious, but there was another hamster in her cage with it at the store. She was with us long enough for Katie to fall in love with her. A few days after she died I found a picture Katie had drawn before she died. Talk about heartbreaking!
Honestly, I would have said no more hamsters if I hadn't seen this picture. I was worried that Katie would start thinking of their little lives as "replaceable", but she really was upset by the loss of Rosebud. I have okayed one more try. We are going to take it really slow with the next one ... and get it from a different store. Third time's a charm, right?
Katie had her check up with the endocrinologist. Everything looks great. She is still thin as a rail, but that probably has as much to do with the fact she can't sit still as it does her diabetes. She was getting a little bored in the room waiting to see the doc...
The weather has been giving me fits. A week ago it was in the 70's, today it barely got above freezing. Not that you can keep the kids inside. At least they don't stay outside long.

 And, there has been crafting (of course). I have just been making stuff up as I go. I wanted to make a felt tree to hang my felt ornaments on for pictures, but I had not gotten around to it. I finally pulled out a legal size file folder and sketched out my tree. Then I had to think of the mechanics of putting it together and getting it to stand.
 It took FOREVER to sew around all the branches! I cut out four identical pieces and sewed them up. Ummm, best I can describe it is like a circle cut into four pieces. If I ever make a better tree I will take pictures, but this was my trial run. It is stuffed to the gills, and two branches have a wire hanger inside for stability.
I couldn't turn down this yarn at Joann's. Sensations Sumptuous. Thick and soft and chunky yarn heaven. 
 On the way home I stopped into the Salvation Army. I had been reading a lot about felting wool sweaters, and I wanted to give it a shot. It was Wednesday, which is half price day, so the perfect time to grab a wool sweater. I was lucky to find this one. It is 100% wool. I only wish it had been larger.
 I popped it in the washing machine on hot with plenty of laundry detergent ... twice. And then I threw it into the dryer on high. I wanted this thing to be indestructible when I was done with it. Look how tiny it got!
I cut out the sleeves ... the sleeves were the PERFECT size for a phone cozy. Stick your phone in, cut off an inch below. Leave a few inches above it to cut a flap for a button closure. Turn it inside out, stitch the bottom, turn. Done. Unless you want to embellish it. And of course I did. I think the finger knit strap might be pushing it, but it was what I had at hand.
I had a little arch of felt from the shoulder, and a few triangle scraps ... for some reason it made me think of a bird head. Ugly, huh?! Katie grabbed it and used it as a finger puppet.

And last night Katie had a sleepover. She couldn't sleep, so she came downstairs and bribed me to stay awake ... she told me she wanted to learn to sew and make pillows for her BFFs. You know I can't say no to that!! Not fair! So, we cut out a heart pattern and she picked out the pieces. I cut the felt and got the thread ready, and she was off and sewing! I fixed many boo-boos, and undid a few knots, but she didn't do a bad job at all. I HAD to do something while she was concentrating on sewing, so I took what was left of that felted sleeve and made a little pincushion. I had to search for a needle for Katie's sewing project, so OBVIOUSLY I needed to make a pincushion. 
 Aren't her pillows CUTE!
 While I was stuffing the last pillow and closing the opening Katie FINALLY fell asleep. Oh, and I used that yarn to make a hat. It started as a cowl, but I had a sudden urge to see if it would fit her head. It looks adorable on her, and I can't help but glow when she chooses to wear something I have made.
 And she continued to wear it today. ADORABLE!
I couldn't leave that bird head as just a head. I attempted my first art/felt bird. It is UGLY! And unfinished. I have wings and feet to add. I just have to figure out how to make the feet for this poor bird.
So ... now you are all caught up. Connor? Oh, he has been more destructive than usual. In a few more days it might be funny, but today it is most decidedly UNfunny. It is a good thing that boy is cute ...


Anonymous said...

Love the cell phone case! And, the poor bird might end up being cute after he has wings and feet. lol