Friday, November 19, 2010

404 Back in the Yarn

Crochet is one of those things that I really only can get into when it is cold outside, and I have a lot of downtime while I am hooked up to my IV so I picked it up again. First I grabbed this hat I had started last year but only completed the brim. I think I made it a little tight. It is supposed to be .... floppy. But Connor looks like a little elf, so I will force him to wear it anyway. Too cute!Then I found a skein of Chenille yarn and made a scarf, which Katie quickly claimed.Mom had picked up some yarn when we went to Joann's over the weekend, and she wanted me to make her a skinny scarf. It didn't take long, and it turned out really cute. The only problem was keeping Connor from using it to try to jump rope.
Other than that I have been slowly improving. I still get tired easily, but it takes a little more each day. The kids see me up and around and they think I should be able to do everything I did before. They have heard "no" way more than they ever have before. This will all end with them being a bit more disciplined at this rate. If I am lucky.


Maura said...

They're all so nice! I've just begun to re-teach myself crochet, and it's slow going, but it's coming along. I hope to be good enough to complete a hat or scarf some day!

I'm glad that you're improving, even if slowly. And I know it's hard, but it's not an entirely bad thing for the kids to have to hear "no" for the time being. :-) Hang in there!