Thursday, November 11, 2010

403 Hit by a Cyclone

Apparently I was more under the weather than I thought. Thursday afternoon I completely lost my mind. I went from being perfectly normal one moment to ten minutes later being incoherent. I couldn't even remember my kids' names. Chip called 911, but the paramedics suggested that he take me in to a clinic to get checked out. In an amazing coincidence, Katie's friend's grandparents had stopped by to see her since Kaitlyn was coming to our house on Thursdays and Fridays. Thank goodness for Kaitlyn and Mia's families. They helped so much that first day. They stepped in immediately to take care of Katie and Connor so that Chip could take me to the doctor.
Thursday they ran all kinds of tests at the clinic. They found bronchitis and an UTI, but they could not figure out what made me lose my memory so we went to the ER. Well, the useless doctor we got in the ER re-ran all the tests and gave me a CATscan. The doctor found NOTHING. He kept asking what we thought it could be. He made a condescending reference to giving me a spinal tap as a last ditch effort. He did not insist. In fact he seemed to be pushing us out of the ER. He said he found nothing wrong with me. We were under the impression he thought I was on drugs, and I do NOT do drugs. IV fluids were relieving my headache, and of course I did not WANT a spinal tap, so we left.
My Mom came out Friday to help out and let me get some rest. I was okay until Friday afternoon when I lost my mind again. I scared the crap out of my mom and everyone else. Chip came home from work early because he heard me babbling on the phone, and he hauled me back to the hospital. I remember going to the hospital. I remember the waiting room and getting back to my room. I don't remember much else. They did give me a spinal tap. They implanted an IV port in my groin. I was in BAD shape. They diagnosed me with meningitis, luckily they were able to rule it down to viral meningitis in a couple of hours. And then they added encephalitis. Just to make sure my body was totally destroyed. It is also known as meningoencephalitis. I started feeling better as soon as they started my meds, but they kept me in until Monday night. My body needed the rest, and it still does.
All the doctors and nurses we dealt with since Friday have been amazing at Baptist DeSoto! I can't complain at all about any of my treatment (other than the first doctor). I had some dear friends stop by to cheer me up. I am so thankful for all the people who have been keeping up with me on facebook. The first few days I didn't understand how seriously I was sick, but apparently I could have easily died if it had not been caught so quickly Friday. Brain swelling is not a laughing matter, no matter how funny my babbling might have sounded.
I am home now (and after waiting 24 hours for my IV meds to be delivered I am back on track). I will be on the IV three times a day until the 28th, but I am feeling so much better. I am still exhausted. If I sit up too long I tend to get a headache, but I am slowly getting stronger. Thanks so much for everyone's thoughts and prayers.


allconsoffun said...

i am so glad that you're on the mend! luv ya chica!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank god you're getting well. We're all lucky to have you. All my best, friend.

margie said...

what the heck??? i read your comment about being under the weather as well....a little more than under the weather i think! good grief. feel better take things slow and easy.