Saturday, April 24, 2010

356 SOOC Saturday

Admittedly I have a thing for weeds. It continually amazes me that the things that annoy the heck out of us are so beautiful. The tiniest details and nuances of color. Gorgeous.
The weather has been perfect for several outings to the park behind our house. This is what I end up doing while the kids play in the park.

SOOC Saturday is hosted by Melody over at Slurping Life.
Hop on over and check out her SOOC shot and the links of others.
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rickismom said...

The close-ups are well-done. In focus, and LOVELY colors!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Great pictures! I can't believe some of those are SOOC! I bet they look even better after some photoshop!!

SoCo mom said...

Are those clover? They look exotic, when you zoom up on them like that!

Michelle Pixie said...

Beautiful captures!! That second to last one is spectacular! =)

Hopesrising said...

The park is always a good thing!
Love the shots of the clover!!

Puna said...

Beautiful shots!