Friday, April 16, 2010

353 Pick-Up

Katie has been begging to go to her Mimi and Pop Pop's for a weekend for a LONG time, but things always seemed to pop up to keep us from coordinating. And she didn't want us to stay with her. She wanted a sleepover. So, last Friday I packed up the kids and delivered them to their grandparents. I stayed a few hours to make sure that there wasn't a complete meltdown, but finally I had to head back. The actual events of the weekend are mostly unknown to me. I do know that they ate way too much ice cream ;). Well, not TOO much ... Mimi and Pop Pop took them out for a treat both days. And Katie was in heaven with her cousin Tori to play with. She even let Tori put her hair in pigtails! SO CUTE!When we got there on Sunday to pick the little heathens up, Connor was so happy to see his Daddy ... well, unless you check out his hand (surely that is an accident)... he didn't want to let Daddy out of his sight, and he barely let Daddy set him down for the first hour. So much for him being a Mama's Boy :(And Pop Pop .... I am not sure which subject he is enlightening us on, but it was very important.And of course I walked around and took a few pics of Mimi's garden as it awakens.